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how to do dtf printing?

2022-08-12 16:38:36
Digital printing technology is a high-tech product that integrates machinery, computer, electronic information technology and is gradually formed with the continuous development of computer technology. , marble, TV wall, and other materials have been well applied on the printing machine. The nozzle is the core component, which dominates the printing material, and is used in conjunction with ink to produce gorgeous patterns.
The simple working process as:

Attention to the printing process of DTF Printing

First, Ensure there is a stable working platform, and do not place anything on the top of the printer.

Second, it is best to close the front cover of the printer when printing to prevent dust from entering the machine or other hard objects hindering the movement of the printer trolley.

Third, No plug and unplug the printer cable under power, which may damage the printer's print port and the PC's parallel port, and even damage the PC's motherboard in serious cases.

Fourth, if the print output is not so clear, use the printer's automatic cleaning function to clean the nozzle

Fifth, when the print head is restarted without returning to the original position, the printer will firstly return the print head to the original position, and then clean the nozzle, so it will cause unnecessary waste of ink. The solution to this problem is always to wipe off the dust on the guide axis and lubricate the guide axes. Use lubricating oil with better fluidity, such as sewing machine oil, to ensure the cleanliness of the surrounding environment.