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what is dtf printing?

2022-08-12 16:31:26
DTF refers to Direct to film printing, which adopts the release type paper, uses the characteristics of hot melting the adhesive powder to adhere to the ink, positions the hot melt adhesive powder automatically, and creates a printing way with cutting-free.
As high-end printing equipment, digital printing machine uses non-contact characteristics to work, with fast printing speed, few printing processes, and high printing efficiency. the flowering process is simple, and it dries immediately after printing. It can be said to be simple, fast, convenient, and flexible advanced printing equipment.
It is suitable for any background color and any fabric type T-shirt, such as high-elastic fabrics, nylon fabrics, chemical fabrics, swimwear, denim, PVC, EVA, etc.
DTF printing film has a soft skin feel, Printing PET film with ink-absorbing, The pattern after ironing has the same texture as PU glue, and the hand feeling is softer than the glue. The three major requirements of ink absorption, release,and static elimination will be completed in one process, which improves the stability of the product quality greatly.
ZOOMJET series DTF Printer integrates into printing, powder shaking, and drying, more economical and high-efficiency, also with stable and high-speed printing. It prints with vivid colors and super color retention, Owning this printer is like owning a manufacturing team.