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what is eco solvent printer

2022-08-12 17:23:55

Eco-solvent ink, also known as ECO-solvent ink or Light solvent ink. ECO can be regarded as the abbreviation of Environmentally Safe, UnCoated Media, and Outdoor Durable. The features of the printer adopting ECO-solvent ink are generally advertised as being environmentally friendly, high precision, and outdoor durable.   Compared with solvent-type ink and eco-solvent ink, More environment is the biggest advantage of eco-solvent ink, which is mainly reflected in the reduction of volatile VOC and doesn't adapt lots of nocuous organic solvent anymore. eco-solvent ink not only maintains the advantages of high-precision pictures produced by water-based ink, but also overcomes the disadvantages of the picture cannot be used outdoors. Therefore, eco-solvent ink is between water-based and solvent-based inks, taking into the advantages of both. Eco-solvent printers adopt eco-solvent ink, which has four colors: yellow, red, blue, and black, which we usually call CMYK. And it can print all materials, normally equipped with dual Epson official printheads, higher precision, faster speed, and longer lifespan of printheads, professional ICC color management and precise adjustment, higher print output quality, no disconnection, and pass lanes, the whole machine adopts Imported guide rail, drag chain, widened paper roller, one-time forming aluminum beam, heating system, feeding take-up device, secondary ink supply device and finer ink path design to ensure high-quality printing and super stability, automatic lifting ink stack. About Printer size. Presently advertising printing equipment market, our common printers are 1.5m, 1.6m, 1.8m, and 2.6m, 3.2m photo printers with large printing widths. For example, ZOOMJET ES1601, ZOOMJET ES1801 outdoor and indoor piezoelectric printer, ZOOMJET ES1801 printer is the mainstream model that sells well at home and abroad. If you are an ordinary advertising inkjet printer, it is recommended that you use the ZOOMJET ES1801piezoelectric printer. The maximum print output width of 1.8 meters can meet the printing inkjet output of common advertising images, and it has high precision and high speed. Since its launch on the market, It has always been recognized and praised by users, and it is a piezoelectric printer with excellent cost-effectiveness.  Why 1.8 meters format is more suitable? this is considered from the size of the common printing materials on the market. in the inkjet printing materials, such as self-adhesive materials, the self-adhesive photo paper has the size of 914mm, 107mm, 127mm and 152mm wide, as well as commonly used light box films and fabric also uses the size of 914mm, 127mm, and some less commonly used papers such as PP paper, transparencies, etc. ZOOMJET ES1801 is fully compatible with these printing media materials For daily advertising inkjet companies and shops, 1.8 meters can fully meet the daily print output requirements. Therefore, the sales of 1.8-meter models are generally good, and they have become the mainstream models in the current advertising inkjet printing equipment market.