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Can i use eco solvent ink in my inket printer?

2022-07-30 20:46:11
Eco-solvent ink, is also named eco-solvent ink. With Features of an eco-friendly, uncoated substrate and outdoor weather resistance. Its working principle as Ink is transferred to the substrate through the nozzles of the micro-piezo print head, and the solvent in it penetrates into the inside of the substrate, The binder, and colorant in the ink are fixed on the surface of the substrate to form an image, With the continuous evaporation of the solvent.
Eco-solvent inks are usually used on high-precision Epson print heads, With the characteristics of fast printing speed and high printing accuracy. the printing accuracy can be up to 1440dpi. it Can also be used on uncoated substrates, UV resistant, Therefore, eco-solvent ink not only has advantages in outdoor advertising. It also has strong competitiveness in the field of indoor advertisements and photos which require fine pictures.
So can the eco-solvent ink be applied to inkjet printers? How to use, which kind of media can be printed on, and what is the effect?
What kind of printer is the eco-solvent ink suitable for
Inkjet printers are not designed to use eco-solvent ink, and there are not so many supporting materials for using eco-solvent ink. Although eco-solvent ink has made many improvements to solvent ink, such as how to be more environmental and more careful in filtration, eco-solvent inks are still solvent-based inks, and some characteristics of solvent-based inks still exist.
1. The features of ink quick-drying
The quick-drying characteristics of eco-solvent ink make it more important to choose the printer. like Piezoelectric printers are not so picky about ink. Frequent automatic cleaning of the print head is also a special feature of Epson printers.
2. The main component of eco-solvent ink is still organic solvent
The main component of eco-solvent ink is an organic solvent, so it has more certain properties of corrosion and chemical reactions than commonly used water-based ink. so it is a pity that eco-solvent inks are used for new printers, it is recommended to use an old or used Epson printer.
What kind of ink filling method is used for eco-solvent ink to print
Due to some characteristics of the eco-solvent ink itself, it is better to reduce some links in the usage, such as directly filling the ink cartridge, and continue to use it if it is good. if it feels wrong, take out the ink cartridge filled with eco-solvent ink if it feels wrong, clean the nozzle, and then put it back to the original dyes or pigments.
Of course, in the use of refilling cartridges for eco-solvent inks, some choices should be made on the refilling cartridges. and make sure whether it is suitable for filling with eco-solvent ink.
Eco-solvent ink not only keeps the advantages of high printing accuracy , but also overcomes the limitation of narrow applicability with the other inks to the substrate. the eco-solvent pigment ink is mainly suitable for car body stickers, outdoor light sheets, billboards, leather, wallpaper, PVC, etc.; the eco-solvent dye ink is mainly suitable for gold and silver cardboard, slides, adhesive (PET), canvas, indoor Photo adhesive, transparencies, glass, ceramic tiles, etc.
Presently, there are two main types of printers using eco-solvent ink: the printer using Epson nozzle; and the prniter using Konica nozzle.