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Misunderstandings of digital direct-injection printing

2022-09-30 10:06:01
Ink always clogs the digital direct printing print head
If you print a shirt, you'll need to come back the next day to see the white ink completely separated. However, a new version of white ink, now available, suspends solids better. But you still need to stir the ink every day before starting production.
In fact, the environment will also affect the congestion problem. All DTG printers require at least 40% humidity for 24 hours, and they must also operate at normal office temperatures. In addition to helping the ink dry, this is because when low humidity or extreme temperatures cause the printhead to overheat, the machine responds by pushing ink over the printhead to cool it down, wasting ink and spending unnecessary money.
In addition, most of the jamming problems are due to poor machine maintenance, not the separation problems that digital decoration service providers have encountered before. Maintenance of digital direct inkjet printers is very simple, but it is essential to avoid ink clogging, especially in machines that use processed paper print heads.
Attentions for the use of digital direct injection printing:
Do not pay attention to electrostatic protection
The printing of the piezoelectric printer is greatly affected by static electricity, so you cannot directly touch the print head with your hands. Wear protective gloves when maintaining the print head. You must also check the connection of the ground wire frequently, and sprinkle a little salt water around the ground wire regularly.
Change the ink at will without cleaning
Even if it is the same type of ink, the components of the ink produced by different manufacturers are different. If the ink is directly replaced without cleaning, it may generate more particles and block the print head, so be sure to clean the print head before changing the ink.
Leaving the cleaning solution in the print head for more than two days and two nights or longer
The cleaning solution soaking the nozzle for a long time can remove the stains more effectively, however, if the soaking time exceeds 48 hours, it may cause corrosion to the nozzle orifice of the nozzle.
Dismantling and assembling the nozzle without power
Install and remove the circuit of the photo machine at will without turning off the power switch and cutting off the main power supply. This behavior can impair the service life of individual systems, especially the sprinkler heads.
DTG printed shirts are not as washable as screen printed shirts
Just like screen printing, if you don't process a DTG shirt correctly, it won't have a good wash resistance. But if done correctly, DTG printing can be washed just like screen printing. To analyze this correctly, it is important to make comparisons under the same conditions.
Screen printing with plastisol inks is like applying PVC to fabric, and the print should last longer than the shirt itself. Since all DTG printers use water-based inks, prints should be compared to water-based screen prints. After repeated washing, the clothes will start to wear out, and the ink on their surfaces will also wear off. The industry standard is 50 washes, and both DTG and screen printing with water-based inks exceed it.
When printing white or light colored garments with CMYK inks (no white undertone), DTG printed garments with the pretreatment solution will have better washfastness than those without pretreatment.