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Misunderstandings of digital direct printing

2022-09-30 10:10:12
Direct to garment printing cannot be done on polyester fabrics
Direct to garment printing is indeed best for 100% cotton and blended fabrics with high cotton content. However, DTG printers have been successfully decorating white polyester garments for a while now, it's as simple as applying polyester pretreatment and CMYK image decorating, and the result looks like a sublimation print.
Colored clothing is more challenging, but not impossible. At the general curing temperature of digital direct jet printing, dyes are prone to migration, especially on polyester fabrics. For example, when the dyes of polyester fabrics are released into the ink, the white ink will change because the shirt is painted red. is pink. But screen printers have solved this problem with low curing temperature inks.
Just like cotton garments, dark polyester products printed with DTG will perform better than other methods. Before printing dark polyester garments, you need to apply a thin layer of polyester pretreatment solution, dry and repeat this operation, and then the garments can be printed normally. After printing it should be heat set at 265°F for 45 seconds, cooled and cured twice. This technology can vary with specific garment fabrics and ink systems, so experimentation is a must.
Misunderstandings of digital direct-injection printing
Direct to garment printing is too slow for actual production and has little advantage
Is it more efficient to use screen printing to print 500 shirts than digital direct printing? If you have the option to do the screen printing yourself or outsource the work, the answer is yes. Because digital direct-injection printing is most suitable for short-cycle, small-batch production, printing a shirt can make money.
However, the number of decorators with multiple machines is steadily increasing, and multiple machines means more potential for printing larger orders. And keep in mind that DTG printing can start almost immediately, without the extra preparation, setup, and clean-up time necessary for screen printing.