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The advantages of digital direct printing and traditional printing

2022-09-30 10:01:56
Compared with traditional printing, digital printing occupies a small area, high production efficiency, ink & waste liquid treatment can meet environmental protection standards, high printing precision, automation advantages, specific details, Zoomjet digital printing equipment will tell you
1、fast response
With its fast proofing, the digital printing machine can improve the response speed of enterprises to orders, and become one step ahead of printing enterprises in the shopping mall. Competition intensifies, processing prices drop, and profit margins decrease. Customers have put forward higher requirements for printing companies in terms of cost, response speed, quality, service, etc. The company that takes out samples first will be one step ahead and get orders. Increasing the speed of proofing will undoubtedly enable enterprises to win among many competitors.
2、Reduce costs
Using digital printing machine for proofing can replace some of the original work that must be done on rotary screen and flat screen printing machines, without taking up machine time. Generally, it takes 3-4 hours for a machine to make a sample. If the customer is not satisfied, it will be revised repeatedly, resulting in a great waste of the production capacity of the enterprise.
3 Streamline processes and reduce costs
It shortens the traditional printing process, improves the cycle of receiving orders, and reduces the cost of printing plate making and proofing. Digital printing prints in small batches at a lower cost than traditional printing. This lays a good foundation for adapting to the multi-variety and small-batch market
4.more intelligent
Digital printing technology uses digitally controlled nozzles to spray corresponding micro-dots of dye solution on demand at the parts where dyes are needed, and many tiny dots quickly form the desired pattern to achieve visually coherent and realistic patterns.
In the process of digital printing production, the computer automatically memorizes the data of each color. In mass production, the color data remains unchanged, which basically guarantees the consistency of the small sample and the large sample.
5.The pattern is personalized, giving designers better space to play, and giving users wider and better customization
In the process of digital printing, there can be no concept of "huahui", so that the designer's design ideas can be fully developed, and the designer is no longer bound by the "huahui", which lays the foundation for designers to design more beautiful patterns. In actual production, patterns with a length of 15m are printed.
6.Digital printing is the product of the new era, new technology, more environmentally friendly
Digital printing is a green production method. The printing process does not use water, does not need to prepare color paste, does not waste dye liquid color paste, and has low noise. Traditional printing requires a lot of water, and the waste liquid, waste water and waste pulp produced will cause great pollution to the environment.