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How do you choose the printing machine you want?

2022-09-29 14:15:53
Due to people's personalized needs for clothing, the field of textiles and clothing fabrics also tends to be personalized and comfortable. The digital printing process is becoming more and more popular among the public due to the advantages of high printing accuracy, no plate making, flexible batch size, environmental protection, and small footprint. However, how to choose a suitable textile digital printing machine for enterprises has become a new problem.
Selection of printing process
The selection of the printing process directly determines the choice of the type of digital printing machine. For garment fabric printing, whether to choose transfer process or direct injection process has a directional decision on the choice of digital printing machine. The investment of transfer process is small, and the printing accuracy is high, but the applicable fabrics are limited, mainly for chemical fiber fabrics. The direct injection process generally requires fabric sizing, steaming, washing and other links, and the relative investment is relatively large, but the fabric is applicable to a wide range of fabric types such as polyester, nylon, cotton, linen, silk, wool, and modal.
Choice of fabric form
Fabric form refers to rolls, pieces, sweaters or ready-to-wear. Enterprises can decide whether to choose a digital printing machine for printing rolls, cut pieces, sweaters or ready-to-wear according to the types of fabrics that are mainly produced and processed.
The choice of printing accuracy
Enterprises can choose equipment that can meet the printing accuracy of customers according to different fabrics and customer needs. Generally speaking, fabrics with finer and smooth fibers have higher precision requirements, such as silk, chiffon, etc.; fabrics with relatively rough fibers have lower requirements on accuracy, such as canvas, sweater, etc. When choosing the printing accuracy, it should be noted that the accuracy and efficiency are two opposite factors. If the accuracy requirement is higher, the efficiency will be lower.
Choice of printing ink 

The first point is the choice of printing ink color. According to the needs of customers and the type of fabric, you can choose four-color ink, six-color ink, eight-color ink, etc. Generally, the more ink colors, the better the color saturation and color effect of printing , which directly determines the color type of the printing machine.
The second point is the choice of the type of printing ink. Printing inks generally include reactive inks, acid inks, dispersion inks, and paint inks. The type of ink is generally selected according to the material of the fabric, and the ink that is suitable for the coloring of the fabric and the color performance is selected.
The third point is the choice of ink brand and model. Generally speaking, the ink is developed for the brand and model of the print head. When choosing the ink, pay attention to whether it is suitable for the print head model of the printer. In addition, ink fluency, vividness, color fixation, environmental protection, etc. are all aspects to be considered in ink selection.
The core of digital printing machine: the choice of print head
As the most important component and main consumables of digital printing machine, print heads play a decisive role in the selection of digital printing machine. The type of print heads determine the accuracy of printing, the size of the ink jet, the speed of printing, and the cost of production. The selection of print heads should comprehensively consider factors such as the type of printing fabric, cost estimation, and production efficiency requirements. As the main consumables, print heads should also comprehensively consider the cost and durability of replacement.