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How Does DTF Printing Save Ink Costs?

2022-09-29 14:55:45
In the digital DTF printing industry, DTF printers are becoming more and more common. Many people use it, but few people know how to make it work efficiently. Here are some operating tips and some ways to save ink.
  1. Print as continuously as possible
When we are using a DTF printer, if it is only printed every few minutes, then it will not save ink. If you need to print a lot of things, it is recommended to put them together when the delivery time is sufficient. Because every time the machine is started, there will be an initial action of cleaning the print head, which will add ink to the ink delivery system. If the process is repeated frequently, more ink will be wasted, so it is recommended not to start the machine frequently.
2、Properly clean the print head
Most DTF printing equipment on the market recommends to manually clean the print head after printing for a long time. For manual cleaning, it is recommended that you follow the steps in the operation manual or under the guidance of after-sales engineers. After cleaning, check whether there is any sediment near the print head. If there is, use a soft rubber product to remove it. During the cleaning process, remember not to clean the print head with sharp objects, do not hit the print head, do not touch the print head with your hands, and do not disassemble or install the print head in a live state, and do not touch the electrical contacts on the print head with your hands or other objects.
3、Minimize cleaning time
A large amount of ink is consumed every time the print head is cleaned, so to protect the print head , the number of times of cleaning the print head should be minimized to save ink. Of course, when using the printers, pay attention to use the type of ink specified by the printers manufacturer as much as possible to avoid damage to the print head.
4、Do not replace ink cartridges right away
We know that the DTF printing device detects the ink level in the ink cartridge through the sensor. As long as the sensor detects that the ink level of one of the ink tanks is less than the value set inside the printer, it will prompt to add ink. At this point, we can check the ink level first, and if it is a false positive, we can reset the internal sensor of the ink cartridge to determine whether the detection is normal.
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