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What are the advantages of digital printing in clothing customization?

2022-09-28 14:54:39
Because digital printing has the advantages of fast response speed and high printing quality, it shortens the production cycle of printed clothing, expands the performance effect of clothing fabrics, and makes clothing styles more diversified and personalized, thus meeting the requirements for small batches, high-quality, accuracy, green environmental protection, and fashionable design requirements of clothing fabrics.
1、The materials of clothing fabric patterns are more extensive
Digital printing presents a novel visual image through the change and combination of computer-related design software in the form of digital patterns through scanning or computer production.
2、The color of clothing fabric patterns is more free
Digital printing breaks through the color registration limitations of traditional printing, and can create color combinations sensitively, change colors quickly, and easily complete color gradients, moiré and realistic color performance. The digital printing pattern is not affected by the number of colors and the registration error of the screen, and the pattern is vivid in color and rich in layers.
3、 The composition of clothing custom patterns is innovative
Compared with the traditional pattern of printed fabrics, which follows the repetitive combination of units, digital printing breaks through the limitation of the cyclic arrangement of unit patterns. The size of the repetitive units can also be freely determined, and the concept of fabric margins can be ignored within a certain range. This freedom of design enables designers to give full play to their innovative ability, and is more manufacturable in the performance of pattern composition, and brings new creative breakthrough points to designers in the application of clothing fabrics. In particular, the advantages of digital printing in pattern positioning and piece printing have opened up the diversity of clothing fabric composition methods.
4、The design concept of clothing fabric patterns expresses more powerfully
The high precision of digital printing can realize the design and creation of photo images and exquisite details, which provides convenience for designers to carry out conceptual design and artistic creation, and enriches the function and meaning of decorative patterns in clothing.
5、The decorative effects of clothing fabric patterns are rich and diverse
Digital printing can achieve the performance of various complex pattern effects, breaking through the technological limitations of traditional printing. Through the change of pattern design and creation method, the visual field of pattern effect of clothing fabrics has been expanded, and special pattern effects rich in variation have been produced, such as three-dimensional effect, motion effect, mixed effect, finish effect, psychedelic effect, and tie-dye effect, watercolor effects, texture effects, simulation effects, neon effects, etc. Digital printing promotes the popularity of innovative effects of clothing fabric patterns, increasing the interest and vividness of clothing.
6、Fast and convenient realization of clothing fabric patterns
Compared with the tedious process of traditional printing technology in sample printing, digital printing greatly simplifies the production process of garment sample printing, shortens the production cycle of garment samples, and enables the printing pattern to be quickly and conveniently realized on clothing fabrics. It is especially suitable for the requirements of small batches of stage costumes and advanced custom clothing, as well as clothing accessories such as clothing signs, silk scarves, and ties. The implementation of digital printing on clothing is also very sensitive. It can be printed on clothing fabrics and ready-to-wear, and can also be printed on clothing pieces to achieve the overall or partial printing performance of clothing.

Digital printing dyes are ink-on-demand, reducing chemical waste and waste water discharge; low noise when ink-jetting, both quiet and clean, no environmental pollution, and a green production process. The digital printing process simplifies the tedious process, cancels the complicated mesh making and color paste matching process of traditional printing, greatly reduces the cost of receiving orders, and proofing, and the delivery speed is fast, and timely supply can be achieved. ZOOMJET operates in several countries around the world, including emerging and mature markets. We have a complete sales system and are committed to using our expertise and first-class service to help customers improve their digital printing business.