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what are eco solvent inks ?

2022-09-17 09:49:33
what are eco solvent inks ?   
In recent years, in the flat plate printing industry, a new ink has attracted more and more attention, it is eco solvent ink.
Let's start with water-based inks and solvent-based inks.Water-based inks, although low cost, no pollution, bright color, but because of the slow volatilization of water, water-based inks print out the picture are not easy to dry, so they are still mainly used in paper, all kinds of fibers and wood products. Water-based inks are also less suitable for outdoor use, narrowing their scope.
The main components of solvent inks are ester and ketone organic solvents. Simply put, the inks are fused into the printing material, so that the color is tightly fixed to the material, and solvent inks do not need to be coated. However, since solvent inks contain volatile organic compounds, they are not environmentally friendly.
ECO-solvent ink, of which ECO can be considered as Environmentally Safe, unCoated media and Outdoor durable. Therefore, eco solvent inks, also known as environmental inks.
Compared with water-based inks, eco solvent inks not only maintain the high precision of water-based ink drawing, but also overcome the disadvantages of water-based ink harsh on substrate and difficult to be applied outdoors.
Compared with solvent inks, eco solvent inks reduce volatile organic compounds and toxic organic solvents. It can be said that the eco solvent inks  are between water and solvent ink, taking into account the advantages of both.
But eco solvent inks, so far, don’t inclde white ink.
When printing black-based products, if there is no white ink as a base, the various colors printed will become dim, which also limits its application. Therefore, now, eco solvent inks are more used in light-colored or transparent products, such as transparent films, pvc materials, and fluorescent light-transmitting products.
Eco solvent inks printed on objects, especially plastic products, are almost completely integrated into the material, the surface is very smooth. These inks are able to print on a variety of uncoated surfaces and maintain its bright colors. Once printed, the inks will be waterproof and resistant to scratches.
If you are unsure which inks to choose or you just want some further information about eco solvent printing, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our team will be glad to help.