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DTF printing advantages

2022-09-17 09:47:13
With the continuous progress of digital printing technology and the continuous update and iteration of equipment, digital printers has risen rapidly in the industry with more and more advanced digital printing technology, and has become the choice of more and more printing people.
First choice,a DTF printer is suitable for a wide range of fields: clothing, home decoration, home textiles, advertising and other industries are dabbling.
Secondly, applicable fabrics: polyester, chemical fiber, chiffon, crepe de chine, polyester cotton and other materials can be transferred to print, widely use.
In terms of technical performance, it also has many advantages over the traditional printing technology:
Good printing effect
It has high printing precision, colorful and natural transition, and clear pattern. Personalized Customization
No plate, flexible in batches , not limited by the pattern, and the image can be arbitrarily modified, achieve single production and mass production, production cycle is short, fast delivery speed.
Environmental protection and no pollution
Low energy consumption, low pollution, low noise, no waste water produced in the whole printing process, a real pollution-free production technology.
Fast reaction speed
Greatly shorten the production cycle, without plate making, molding once, all products can be printed by one key operation, fast reaction speed, high flexibility, production volume is not subject to any restrictions. For small batch production, even same-day delivery can be achieved, immediately available.
Cost savings
Digital printers covers a small area, no need for a large workshop, save space costs. The operation of the digital printers is intelligent and automatic. One operator can watch the normal operation of multiple equipment, which greatly saves the labor cost.
To sum up, it is obvious that DTF printers can be recognized by the market. At present, all kinds of DTF printers emerge in an endless stream, and the quality is uneven. It is more important to polish your eyes and choose a product with excellent quality. ZOOMJET operates in several countries around the world, including emerging and mature markets. We have a complete sales system and are committed to using our expertise and first-class service to help customers improve their digital printing business.