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Eco-solvent ink, are you using it right?

2022-09-17 09:45:26
Eco-solvent ink, known as environmentally friendly solvent ink, is a new type of outdoor solvent printer with high safety, low volatility, low to slight toxicity, and high flash point that has become popular in the outdoor solvent-based digital printer market in recent years. Ink, its development has not stopped.
What are the advantages of eco-solvent ink compared with solvent-based ink and water-based ink, what are the differences, which machines use eco-solvent ink, and what will be its future development trend?
Eco-solvent ink can be regarded as environmentally friendly, uncoated substrate, and outdoor weather resistant. The general characteristics of machines using eco-solvent ink are environmental protection, high precision, and outdoor weather resistance. In the production process of ink, in addition to choosing environmentally friendly solvents, eco-solvent inks also put forward two higher requirements compared with solvent-based inks: one is that in order to achieve high-precision output, the dot dispersion of the ink must be better controlled, the other is that the filtration precision of the ink production process is higher. Compared with solvent-based inks, the biggest advantage of eco-solvent ink is its friendliness to the environment, which is mainly reflected in the reduction of volatile VOCs and the elimination of many toxic organic solvents, which are no longer required in the production workshop of eco-solvent printers. Ventilation devise. Eco-solvent ink not only maintains the advantages of high precision of the picture produced by water-based ink, but also overcomes the disadvantages of water-based ink that is harsh to the substrate and the picture cannot be used outdoors. Therefore, eco-solvent ink is between water-based and solvent-based inks, taking into account the advantages of both.
Eco-solvent ink Main features:
1. Beautiful and rich colors, realistic effects, wide color gamut, excellent color expression;
2. Waterproof, wear-resistant, and not easy to decolorize.
3. Using imported raw materials, good dispersion stability, no plugging;
4. Long-lasting outdoor performance, can resist the influence of UV light, and prevent color fading;
5. Does not contain benzene, toluene, xylene, or cyclic Toxic solvents such as hexanone, with minimal taste;
6. Good adhesion, quick drying;
Eco-solvent ink can be printed on some specific materials without coating, and it can also be used after the printer is heated. On some smooth material surfaces, ink alone cannot be used, so the ink is easy to accumulate together, and the resulting image is not clear.
Above all, eco-solvent ink has been widely used in the universal printer and photo machine industry, and our Jiaer Digital provides customers with high-quality products. The 1.6-meter, 1.8-meter, and 3.2-meter wide format printers are in hot sale on the market. matching the corresponding ink for customers, using good eco-solvent ink not only has a certain effect on the maintenance of the machine. but also can print out products that satisfy customers, ensure the quality of products and increase the relationship with customers.