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The difference between white ink printing and Dye sublimation printing

2022-09-17 09:41:37
In short, both of them are suitable for clothing and textiles, but they are very different in terms of color fastness, and craftsmanship. Today, we use these two common machines in the market to make a technical comparison. Let's take a look at it. What is the difference between them?
Both belong to the heat transfer process, see the two different lives!
.The difference with Hot stamped fabrics
White ink heat transfer can be hot stamped on all fabrics such as knitted, textile, nylon, non-woven, and Oxford cloth. The sublimation paper can only be ironed on light-colored or white polyester fabrics. The higher the polyester content, the brighter the color.
.Colors vary:
White ink heat transfer can easily achieve photo-level effects. As long as clear high-definition picture files are provided during heat transfer, photo-level effects can be achieved. The effect of thermal transfer sublimation paper is linked to the fabric. Generally speaking, the higher the polyester content of the fabric, the brighter the color. Then it is also related to the temperature and time of hot stamping. The higher the temperature of hot stamping, the longer the time, and the brighter the color.
.The temperature and time of hot stamping are different:
Generally speaking, the hot stamping temperature of white ink heat transfer is about 160 degrees, and the time is about 13 seconds (the hot melt adhesive used by different manufacturers is different, the temperature and time of hot stamping may be different, but most of the values are in this range), and the sublimation paper temperature is between 200-230 degrees, and the time is about 15-20 seconds.
.The feel after hot stamping is different:
The back of the white ink heat press has a layer of white ink that is directly sprayed, so the hot stamping on the fabric feels a little bit like a dark silkscreen, and it is not hard to touch. Thermal transfer sublimation paper is the ink that penetrates into the fabric, so it is called sublimation. It has no hand feeling and is relatively soft.
5. Washing fastness is different:
Generally speaking, the washing fastness of the current white ink direct-injection heat transfer is comparable to that of the thermal transfer sublimation paper. Of course, the two kinds of heat transfer are also different in quality. The white ink heat transfer machine distinguishes the quality of heat transfer mainly based on: elasticity and washing fastness. Sublimation paper does not have this feature.