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How to use the printing machine to save ink

2022-09-17 09:39:24
We all know that the printing machine is inkjet printing, so the ink is an indispensable part of that. Saving ink is also a form of profit maximization. So, how to save ink in the process of printing, and what are the techniques for saving ink?
Let's give a briefly introduction: 1. Correctly set the print mode. Generally speaking, the text we print does not need to be very fine, as long as it can be seen clearly. The printing mode can be used flexibly before printing, which can effectively save ink. There are many options in the print mode. The finer the print quality, the more ink is consumed. Therefore, for general printing tasks, select the production mode.
2. After all the ink cartridges are used up, usually it will indicate that the ink is insufficient while it is about 20% volume remaining, reminding you to replace the ink cartridges. In such a situation, we can ignore it and continue the print job until the last drop of ink is finished.
3. Use the ink cartridge protection card to save it printer has it, Because the printer is not used for a long time, the ink in the ink cartridge is easy to dry, especially in a dry environment. If you will not use the printer for a long time, you can remove the ink cartridge and put it in the card case, and then try to put it in a sealed plastic bag to slow down the drying of the ink.
4. Minimize the number of times of switching on and off the printer, try to reduce the number of times the printer turning, collect and print fragmented document printing tasks together, which can save ink consumption. Because every time the printer is started, the printer must be initialized, the print head should be cleaned automatically, and the ink delivery system should be filled with ink, so a large amount of ink needs to be used. Therefore, you should try to concentrate the print jobs for printing, and do not switch the machine randomly in the middle.