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What Is DTF Printer?

2022-09-02 10:53:35
A new generation DTF printers with powder shaking integrates vinyl powder coating and drying into one machine. When the film/vinyl dries, it can be used to transfer printing to clothing. DTF is suitable for many different clothing materials: cotton, nylon, treated leather, polyester, 50/50 blends, and light and dark fabrics.

The DTF printer is equipped with the rugged and reliable Epson XP600/4720/I3200 engine for high capacity output and maximum efficiency and can produce a long lasting and strong color print.
Advantages of DTF printers:
  •  new upgrade
  • simple operation
  • a minimum order
One person can operate multiple machines, no carving, no tracing hollow, suitable for any fabric; Don't worry about color deviation and fastness. Good fastness, long life, good stability, high efficiency, good performance, high precision.
Production efficiency: 21.6㎡/h
No restrictions on patterns, natural hollow out more thin and breathable
Don't worry about color deviation and fastness
No need to engraving, waste and film, effectively improve production efficiency
White color set position precision, 1mm fine print HD no stroke
Small space, one person operation, high temperature water
Suitable for any fabric, light/dark cloth together
Process flow:
Printing -- powder drying -- pressing -- finished product
Application: A machine can print any fabric and solve all the problems in the garment printing industry. It is widely used to print T-shirts, throw pillows, hats, hoodies and so on.
 If you are looking for a reasonably priced and affordable DTF printer for large scale printing needs, ZOOMJET is your best bet.