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What are the factors that affect the output effect of the large format printing machine?

2022-08-30 09:04:51

For the same printing machine, some users print out images with very beautiful colors, while some users print out images with some deviations, which is related to the operator of the equipment. The quality of the output of the printing machine may also be caused by other factors, such as consumables, computer configuration, and other major factors. Let's introduce this problem in detail, how to output a perfect image.

Large format printing machine operator: The technical level of the operator can also directly affect the quality of the output image, whether it is color proofing in the early stage or connection processing in the later stage. Everyone also knows that the most important process in the printing process is color correction. At present, most printer manufacturers use manual calibration. Operators with technical experience can call out richer colors in a limited color range, so many advertising companies will conduct targeted job training for operators, and set up and print the best quality patterns according to the configuration performance of the computer and the inkjet media and ink used.

Consumables: Consumables include two major aspects: ink and media, and their quality is also an important factor affecting the output quality of the printer. Therefore, it is best to choose ink and media with guaranteed quality. For example, the ink of ZOOMJET printing machine and ink is highly recognized by all users.

Output equipment: At present, it is mainly divided into two types: indoor and outdoor. The indoor printing machine mainly prints about 2 meters wide, and the outdoor is generally relatively wide. At present, the printing speed and accuracy of the equipment on the market have matured. Like ZOOMJET ES3201, the maximum printing speed can reach 86㎡/hr, dual four-color printing, resolution 1440×1440 (DPI) can print out the color of the photo completely.