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How to solve the print head blockage in Dtf printer?

2022-09-05 15:33:19

Now many DTF printers are designed by print head and ink sac separation, because the printer ink is mostly "fast drying", such as the quality of the printer ink, the working environment of the printer, the printer idle for a long time will lead to the print head of the white ink printing head is blocked.


Can't DTF printer ink is blocked in print copy after surface with horizontal stripes, and some don't print out color, especially in the printing image is even more obvious , almost all of the DTF printer will encounter this kind of situation, the reasons of print head clogging are many, the main culprit mainly include the following:

The influence of print head voltage 

The appropriate voltage is very important, too low voltage will affect the spray effect, too high will lead to plug.

The influence of ink quality

Ink quality is not up to standard, resulting in the blockage of the print head. 

The influence of the ink viscosity

The ink viscosity is too high, which will cause the ink adhesion in the ink tube, resulting in insufficient ink supply, ink-jet amount not enough, this phenomenon is prominent especially in winter. Ink viscosity is too low, then ink jet speed will be fast. Ink spray to the cloth and reflect back to the print head, resulting in ink stasis on the head and blockage of the head.

The influence of temperature and humidity

The rapid change of temperature and humidity causes damage to the print head, causing the blockage of the head.  

The influence of cleaning methods on the print head

For the impact of cleaning methods on the print head, it is recommended to wipe the head with a soft sponge or sponge swab instead of ordinary toilet paper.