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Can an inkjet printer use eco solvent inks?

2022-09-30 10:39:30
Many printers can use eco solvent inks, often these printers are programmed with inkjet technology and can be used as both wide and short format printers.
What is eco solvent ink?
Eco solvent ink, whose color is suspended in a mild biodegradable solvent, is a non-aqueous ink made from ether extracts in refined mineral oils. They contain no volatile organic compounds and have almost no smell. Eco solvent printing can be heated to dry, so there are requirements for materials.
Are pigment inks the same as eco solvents?
Eco solvents are more durable than pigments or dye inks, suitable for more materials, longer outdoor life, eco solvents were marketed in 2000, more expensive than solvent inks.
How to remove eco solvent ink?
Pour some alcohol on your hands, rub with soap for 3 minutes, then rinse off. It will fade gradually. Rub gently with your hands for 2 minutes, then mix with dish soap for 2 minutes, then rinse well with water. The ink will fade gradually.
Is eco solvent ink waterproof?
Eco solvent inks are brightly colored, waterproof and scratch-resistant, and can be printed on uncoated materials.
What's the difference between a eco solvent and a solvent? Eco solvent does not have what taste, mainly used in the room, and solvent ink has pungent smell, generally do not recommend indoor use.
What is the solvent in the printer ink?
Solvent inks are printer inks made using a variety of solvents, also known as volatile organic compounds, which are usually oil-based liquids. These inks are mainly used in different types of commercial inkjet printers, while office and personal inkjet printers typically use water-based inks.
What is eco solvent printing?
Eco solvent is popular, because the printing effect is good, generally eco solvent printers’ resolution is very high.
Eco solvent is suitable for indoor, solvent is suitable for outdoor, solvent ink is corrosive, long-term contact is harmful to human body.