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how are these two 3D printings made?

2022-09-30 10:31:09
Recently, 3D printing is very popular, so what is 3D printing? 3D printing is actually a three-dimensional and realistic feeling to the naked eye. It is like going to the cinema to watch a movie. When you look at it with 3D glasses, the feeling that the bullet hits you is called 3D printing. This contains two meanings, one is three-dimensional sense, which looks very realistic to the naked eye, and has a bumpy feeling when touched by hand. This is a printing process called pulping; the other is a sense of realism, which is Looking at the real thing on this print, it is lifelike, but it doesn't feel bumpy to the touch. This does not require any craftsmanship, and it is completely related to the picture, that is, the gradient color in the picture needs to be completely printed. So how are these two 3D printings made?
3D printing with a three-dimensional feeling and a bumpy feeling when you touch it with your hand.
In fact, this kind of printing is a kind of process, it is not printed out, but the pulp-pulling printing scraped from the pulp. Excellent, with similar stone and lava effects. When using digital direct injection to print this process, two stencils need to be made, one is used to print a picture with a flat effect without concave and convex parts, and the other is used to print the concave and convex part. For some of the drawings, you need to use a stencil to leave a little thick paste at the position of the pattern that needs to be raised, lift the stencil gently, and then use digital direct-injection color ink to form a pattern on the surface with the paste, and wait for the cloth to dry completely. After it is transparent, put the cloth in the oven at high temperature to fix the color. Note: The cloth cannot be collected if it is not completely dry, otherwise the printing position will be deformed.
Realistic, vivid 3D effect printing.
The printing of this effect is relatively simple. The focus is on the realistic and flexible effect of the picture. The main thing is that the gradient color in the picture can be completely printed and displayed, and digital direct injection is the most suitable for this process. Also the most convenient. Because digital direct injection is mainly automatically colorized by the computer, almost all colors can be printed from the four basic CMYK basic colors, and this gradient color is not a problem. As long as the picture is high-definition, you can directly import the picture into the computer in the digital direct-injection printing machine, and print the picture directly on the T-shirt fabric to form, full-color graphics, one-time molding, and then enter the oven to fix the color. This is also called digital direct printing, and it has good air permeability!
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