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What is a UV flatbed printer?

2022-08-27 10:58:04

UV flatbed printer is named UV printer too, and also it is called a universal flatbed printer in the industry. due to it is suitable for printing many materials and covers a wide range of industries, for short-term applications with large-format images, traditional screen printing requires high costs, while flatbed printer printing is much more economical. It breaks through the bottleneck of digital printing technology and realizes one-piece printing, no plate making, and full-color image printing at one time. Compared with traditional printing technology, it has more advantages.

UV flatbed printers are used in a wide range of applications, from graphic and text printing to garment accessories, furniture, building materials, leather and leather goods, electronic appliances, glass decoration, tile background walls, advertising industry, packaging industry, and so on.

Due to the larger and longer application format of UV flatbed printers, UV flatbed printers began to be applied to a larger format and higher-end commercial applications. According to the development of this industry, UV flatbed printers are gradually upgraded and changed, adding more business opportunities for you.

The UV flatbed printer can also use the AB film to print the crystal label process, and the application range is more flexible and extensive.


1.   Adapts latest technology focusing reflector, to make the concentrate of reflected UV light energy, and high efficiency of the light curing, which is conducive to the curing of the thick ink layer, and completely cure the deep layer of the ink, dry quickly and avoid affecting the printing effect caused by the dust pollution in the air.

2.   Using the best mirror-surface alumina board, make the reflectivity of UV cold light source reaches more than 90%, which greatly improves the utilization rate of ultraviolet light and reduces energy consumption.

3.   Since different inks have different wavelengths of UV curing, so they need to be matched with special UV lamps.

4.   UV flatbed printers use imported transformers, which have a long and stable service life, meanwhile, the using life is more than 3 times than ordinary transformers.

5. The perfect mold shape with a golden ratio reduces the loss rate of UV light to less than 10%, and the corresponding utilization rate and conversion rate reach 90%, which ensures the synchronization of UV frequency and the stability and longevity of ink. making your printing really reach 95% dry while it is printing.