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What are the application fields of the wide-format pictorial printers?

2022-08-26 14:38:51
What are the application fields of the wide-format pictorial printers?
With the continuous development of inkjet technology, pictorial printers have gradually become a new choice for advertisers, and now various industries have their influence. So, what are the specific advantages of the pictorial machine? Which industries does it apply to?

The advantages of pictorial machine
It avoids damage to the nozzle, and at the same time it has higher stability, and it is not easy to break the line when drawing a long drawing, which improves the yield. In terms of accuracy, speed, and stability of use, piezoelectric printers are far superior to other coiled material printing equipment.
More refined drawing effects, higher efficiency,  manpower, and cost are saved. The piezoelectric printer achieves a faster printing speed. Multiple printing modes and multiple nozzles are carried out at the same time. The printing speed is faster, the efficiency is higher, the drawing is finer and the effect is better.
The pictorial printer can be applied to a wider range of industries. It supports the printing of various media materials and is used in many industries such as production and manufacturing. Expand the pictorial demands in the market. Provide excellent advertising and promotion methods for merchants, making the mutual benefit for both merchants and advertising photographers.
Application field of the pictorial printer.
1. Advertising industry
Advertising pictorial is basically used for publicity, and there are various methods of advertising production, such as common light box advertising, shopping mall banners, outdoor billboards, car sticker design, etc. These are the applications of photo advertising.
2. Graphic processing industry
The graphic processing industry has relatively high requirements for the clarity of graphics and text, and the pictorial printer can meet the printing accuracy required by this type of industry. The graphics and text it outputs are clear and print fast.
3. Oil painting art painting industry
The pictorial printer can restore the image picture and color well, and there are many suitable printing media materials, so many users apply the pictorial printer to the rapid imitation of oil painting art paintings, and achieve high value with low cost;
4. Home decoration industry
The pictorial printer can realize the customization of personalized home decoration wallpaper patterns, soft film ceilings with personalized patterns, and so on. Wallpaper is an important building decoration material. With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's housing levels, the demand for wallpaper is also greatly increased.