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What do you need for white ink heat transfer printing?

2022-09-30 10:29:44
What are the steps of white ink heat transfer process printing?
Recently, such a hot topic has become popular in the clothing and printing industry: white ink direct-injection heat transfer process without stroke; but many people still don't know the stroke-free heat transfer process - what do you need for a complete set of white ink direct-injection garment heat transfer printing? What are the printing steps of the new white ink heat transfer process? The following Jiaer Digital will take you to find out.
1. Computer
The computer has two functions in the whole printing process. One is to install the software matching the garment printing machine. The white ink printing machine is driven by the computer through special software. The second is to process the pictures used in the printing of the white ink printing machine; in terms of configuration, according to our engineer's experience, it is recommended that the I5 processor should start with 8G memory, so that the data transmission to the heat transfer printing machine is smoother.
2. Consumables
Consumables include ink, PET water-based heat transfer film, hot melt powder, nozzle moisturizing liquid, nozzle cleaning liquid, etc. The specific details are generally like a form for customers to collect when purchasing our digital printing machine, so I will not write them all here. .
3. White ink direct-injection transfer machine
This new white ink heat transfer process, we Qiya Digital have brought you two sets of mature solutions, one is more suitable for personalized customization, clothing e-commerce, clothing printing and other small-scale friends prepared Cost-effective solution; the second is the fully automatic powder shaking solution for printing factories or garment factories that requires mass production, you can go to our official website product center to learn about it.
4. Automatic powder shaker or oven
Generally speaking, when the cost-effective solution is adopted, when the white ink direct-injection machine prints the pattern on the PET water-based film, we can cut each one out separately, manually apply the hot melt powder, and then pass the high temperature of the oven, and then we can carry out the process. The next step is to press and iron; while the fully automatic scheme is that the white ink direct-injection transfer machine prints the pattern while the automatic powder shaker automatically shakes the film and melts the powder at high temperature, and then directly rewinds the film for backup, and a series of actions are eliminated. manual intervention.
5. Pressing and fixing equipment
After the high-temperature melted powder is printed in the previous step, the printed PET film can be directly placed on the garments, T-shirts and other fabrics that need to be printed for high-temperature pressing. After the temperature cools down, slowly tear off the upper film, and you are done , the whole process is as simple as that;
It can be said that under the strict environmental protection requirements, the new white ink direct-injection heat transfer process saves labor, does not occupy land, and prints one piece. The fastness reaches 3.5 and it is soft and washable. It can be said that this new printing process is still worthy of affirmation and investment.